W. Eleyed Said, winner of the PhD contest Ma thèse en 180 secondes

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Warsama Elyed Said, PhD student at HuManiS, won the international contest Ma thèse en 180 secondes - MT180, organized on June 21 in Djibouti by the Agence Universitaire de de la Francophonie au Moyen-Orient et l’Université de Djibouti.

This contest challenges French-speaking doctoral students to sum up their PhD dissertation in three minutes. They have to present the topic of their dissertation in French in a clear, concise, convincing—and even humorous, if desired—way with only one slide and 180 seconds of speaking time. The aim is to give doctoral students an opportunity to gain experience in public speaking and presenting a scientific topic in layman’s terms to a nonexpert audience.

Seven French-speaking doctoral students from the University of Djibouti, the only public university in the country, participated in this first edition. In only three minutes, the students showcased their research work in French to a panel of judges, with the added challenge of having to disseminate their knowledge and explain their project in a quick, simple, and appealing way.

The winner, Warsama Eleyeh Said, presented his dissertation on introducing managerial control and management in hospitals in Djibouti (“L’introduction du contrôle de gestion et du management dans les hôpitaux des pays africains : le cas de Djibouti”), which he is preparing under the joint supervision of the University of Strasbourg.

He would like to dedicate this first prize to all of his fellow doctoral students, the staff, and his PhD adviser Thierry Nobre at the HuManiS research center.

We warmly congratulate him on this great achievement!

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