Nicolas Faist, MEDIAPOST regional director, La Poste group

Nicolas Faist is MEDIAPOST, La Poste group, regional director and the 2019-2022 Promotion sponsor.

Nicolas Faist, MEDIAPOST regional director, La Poste group - EM Strasbourg

"The links which unite MEDIAPOST - La Poste group and EM Strasbourg are based on a relationship of trust, initiated in 2013. Since the start of our collaboration, a positive dynamic for the benefit of our two entities has been put in place. We benefit from real support throughout the projects that we develop with the school. The objectives are defined in co-construction with the management teams and the follow-up ensured by the Business Service teams. These fruitful exchanges allow us every year to meet students and involve them in issues of our company while allowing them to develop their skills.

In September 2019, this relationship took a new turn. I had the pleasure of assuming the role of sponsor of the 20th promotion, and this for a period of three years. As a graduate of the school, this mission is particularly close to my heart. I wish to convey the values ​​of MEDIAPOST - La Poste group, to make known the scope of its activities and thus attract the talents who will contribute in the future to develop the group and its projects. EM Strasbourg has the capacity to train operational managers who are aware of market realities, which is why, every year, Médiapost recruits interns, apprentices or young graduates from the school. Their profiles perfectly meet our need to recruit employees capable of finding solutions to our problems as soon as they enter the company.

My missions as regional director of Médiapost lead me to forge links with the main institutions of the Grand-Est region. Because of the quality of the teaching it provides, EM Strasbourg is one of the major institutions in the region. Becoming a promotion sponsor and being one of the school's partner companies represents a major opportunity: establishing a special relationship with the future generation of managers, by committing ourselves to their side throughout their training."

Nicolas Faist

MEDIAPOST, La Poste group, regional director,

2019-2022 Promotion sponsor.