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348 publications

MERLI M., PARENT A., EDLINGER C. (2019). Portfolio Advice Before Modern Portfolio Theory: the Belle Epoque of French Analyst Alfred Neymarck. Business History [ABS cat.4, CNRS cat.2, FNEGE cat.2, HCERES cat.A]

BOOTZ J., MONTI R., DURANCE P., PACINI V., CHAPUY P. (2019). The links between French school of foresight and organizational learning: an assessment of developments in the last ten years. Technological Forecasting and Social Change, 140 [ABS cat.3, CNRS cat.2, FNEGE cat.2, HCERES cat.A]

FABER A., REHM S., HERNANDEZ-MENDEZ A., MATTHES F. (2019). Modeling and Visualizing Smart City Mobility Business Ecosystems: Insights from a Case Study. Information, 11 (n° 9)

ÖCALAN-ÖZEL S., PENIN J. (2019). Invention characteristics and the degree of exclusivity of university licenses: The case of two leading French research universities. Research Policy, 48 (n° 6) [ABS cat.4*, CNRS cat.1, FNEGE cat.1*, HCERES cat.A]

ROEDERER C., REVAT R. (2019). Experiential Staging in the Urban Space: Video Mapping of Places and Non-places. International Journal of Arts Management, 21 (n° 2) [ABS cat.1, CNRS cat.4, FNEGE cat.4, HCERES cat.C]

BOOTZ J., DURANCE P., MONTI R. (2019). Foresight and knowledge management. New developments in theory and practice. Technological Forecasting and Social Change (n° 140) [ABS cat.3, CNRS cat.2, FNEGE cat.2, HCERES cat.A]

SAUER P., SEURING S. (2019). Extending the reach of multi-tier sustainable supply chain management - Insights from mineral supply chains. International Journal of Production Economics, 217 [ABS cat.3, CNRS cat.1, FNEGE cat.1, HCERES cat.A]

PLOTKINA D., SAUREL H. (2019). Me or just like me? The role of virtual try-on and physical appearance in apparel M-retailing. Journal of Retailing and Consumer Services, 51 [ABS cat.2, CNRS cat.3, FNEGE cat.3, HCERES cat.B]

GANNOUNI K., RAMBOARISON-LALAO L. (2019). Examining gender effects on leadership among future managers: comparing Hofstede's masculine vs. feminine countries. Management International, 23 [CNRS cat.3, FNEGE cat.2, HCERES cat.A]

WALSER LUCHESI A., SIEGEL D. (2019). La réduction des prix est-elle un véritable levier des ventes ? comment améliorer l'estimation du gain perçu et l'efficacité commerciale ?. La Revue des Sciences de Gestion, 299 (n° 299) [FNEGE cat.4, HCERES cat.C]

DE MOYA J., PALLUD J., MERDINGER-RUMPLER C., SCHNEIDER F. (2019). La communication institutionnelle d'un hôpital sur Twitter : une visualisation de son réseau avec les graphes sociaux. Revue Française de Gestion, 45 (n° 283) [CNRS cat.3, FNEGE cat.2, HCERES cat.A]

SIMON F., ROEDERER C. (2019). When social intrusiveness depletes customer value: a balanced perspective on the agency of simultaneous sharers in a commercial sharing experience. Psychology and Marketing [ABS cat.3, CNRS cat.3, FNEGE cat.2, HCERES cat.A]