Bachelor of International Business

Choosing the Bachelor of International Business at EM Strasbourg means committing to a program of excellence and playing an active role in your education.

In a Nutshell

  • Entry requirement

    High school or Bachelor (1st year)

  • Degree awarded


  • Language

    French , English and German

  • Format

    Full time

  • Duration

    3 years


The Bachelor of International Business at EM Strasbourg offers a high-level academic and hands-on education, covering the main fields of business management. The Team Entrepreneur track offers you a unique project-based learning experience. The principle of Team Academy, the Finnish teaching methods implemented in this track, is based on creating team projects to develop your knowledge and operational skills.


  • Develop your teamwork, your learning abilities, and your skills < b>by creating projects.
  • Foster your own customer-oriented entrepreneurial culture.
  • Stimulate your creativity and ability to innovate.
  • Dare to be ambitious and experiment with decision-making.


Skills Developed

Hard Skills

Managerial skills

Project management

Accounting and business management

Marketing and sales

Soft Skills

Group cohesion

Conflict management


Ability to make projections



Key Figures

  • 0

    of students pursue their entrepreneurial project.

  • 0

    of students continue their studies.

  • 0

    of students are hired by companies.

Their experience

“I was exposed to such a wide range of concepts and ideas during my three-year Bachelor’s degree, from creating a product from A to Z to selling my skills by providing services. I created a professional network and a portfolio of clients. I am now able to create a product, improve it, make it visibl...

Benjamin Jund

“I learned that I was able to carry out a project and to move from an idea to reality. I have managed to find my professional identity. Now I know what I like to do: create businesses and get them on their feet.”

Thomas Garcia

“Over the course of the three year Bachelor’s degree, I gained ten years in maturity. The Bachelor’s degree allows you to develop your network of contacts. When I arrived in Strasbourg, I didn’t know anyone. Now I can count at least 200 people among my professional contacts.”

Jeanne Haltz

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EM Strasbourg Business School, 61 avenue de la forêt-noire
EM Strasbourg Business School, 61 avenue de la forêt-noire

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