Develop Your Plan

Through seminars, courses, and individual personalized appointments, the Cap Career team provides you with support for your career plan and personal development. 

Develop Your Plan - EM Strasbourg

It's Time to Be Yourself!

Because all students are different and because choosing a program of study is taking a big step in shaping their future, EM Strasbourg offers an educational program that allows students to reveal their talents and to gain confidence and respect. To achieve this goal, the Cap Career team proposes a progressive program over three years. Thanks to new experiences and fun workshops, you get to know yourself better and nurture your #bedistinctive personality. These assets are essential to standing out in an international context. 


"When we're 18 to 20 years old, it's common to have an idealized vision, preconceived ideas, or clichés about certain professions. That's why we constantly invite students to confront reality through all the opportunities offered by the school (internships, co-op, associations, entrepreneurship, etc.) or through exchanges with professionals and alumni."

Liane Otteni, Head of Cap Career


In two sentences, Liane Otteni, Head of Cap Career, summarizes the important role Cap Career plays in the training of EM Strasbourg students.

What are you doing right now? 
(on myself)

Cap Career: Support Embedded in Your Program 


At EM Strasbourg, personal and professional development is more than just an option: it is part of your program of study. Your progress is monitored throughout your studies, allowing you to earn ECTS credits. 

The objective is to provide you with the tools needed to develop a career plan that suits you.


Breaking Down Stereotypes and Helping You Navigate Your Program


Revealing Your talents and Finding Your Way 

At EM Strasbourg, we are convinced that every student is unique. Cap Career's mission is to help you get to know yourself better and blaze your own trail. The goal? To find your way and thrive, by taking the path that suits you. 


It All Starts with the AssessFirst Test 

The AssessFirst test helps you understand how you operate in a professional environment. You are asked a series of questions in order to identify the features of your personality, particularly those that make you unique. 


Co-developing Your Career Plan

At the end of this test, you draw up your career plan with our team by identifying the talents and resources that will contribute to the success of your personal and professional development. 


"We meet with students each year they spend on-site during a soft skills seminar featuring fun, immersive, and informative experiences (e.g., a cooking or athletic challenge or even an escape game) in order to give them the keys to collective intelligence and responsible management. Hands-on practice and emotions contribute significantly to the retention of key takeaways."

Liane Otteni, Head of Cap Career


Collaborate and Boost Work Efficiency

Social dynamics are an essential part of your professional life. EM Strasbourg trains future employees who will enjoy their daily work and feel fulfilled. Understanding social dynamics will allow you to adapt your behavior to the situation in order to avoid possible conflicts in the workplace. 

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