Study Accommodations

At EM Strasbourg, we encourage you to cultivate what makes you unique. We are there to guide and support you in your plans, in the pursuit of your passion, and in times of hardship. Accommodations exist to work around your constraints and ambitions.

Study Accommodations - EM Strasbourg

Student Statuses

  • Student with disabilities  
  • Student-caregiver 
  • Student-employee / Student-entrepreneur 
  • Student-athlete
  • Student-artist 

*If you are an international student, you can apply for any of the above statuses except student-athlete or student-artist status.



Do You Have a Disability?

If you have a particular health condition requiring study accommodations, you can submit a request to the University's Disability Services (Mission handicap). 

The type of accommodation depends on your situation. The University's Disability Services will directly contact your registrar’s office in order to set up accommodations.



Are You Caring for a Loved One?

EM Strasbourg is the first business school in France to offer the status of student-caregiver to its students. Providing care to a loved one has a concrete and often negative impact on studies. Concerned students benefit from specific rights: authorized absences, leaves, part-time study, group changes, specific timetable arrangements affecting a dozen hours per week depending on the situations.

Read more about the student-caregiver status.



Are You Employed or Starting Your Own Company? 


If you work at least 10 hours per week or 40 hours per month over two consecutive months in the semester, you can benefit from exemption from class attendance requirements.  
In order to apply for accommodations, students must provide their registrar’s office with an employment contract attesting to the number of hours worked during the month.  

If you are a student-entrepreneur, national student-entrepreneur status is required. An exemption from class attendance requirements can be arranged. You must provide your registrar’s office with Pépite’s official decision and an URSSAF certificate or a self-employment tax certificate to benefit from accommodations. 



Are You a Student-Athlete?

If you practice a sport at a high level, you have the option of pursing both your athletic and academic careers. Course and exam accommodations can be considered

Student-athlete status is obtained after submitting an application that is examined at the beginning of July by a joint committee made up of university, regional sports directorate, rectorate, and ANS representatives. A certificate from the Ministry of Urban Affairs, Youth and Sport or the federation certifying the level of practice is mandatory. 

To request accommodations, you must provide your registrar’s office with proof of student-athlete status granted by SUAPS.



Are You an Artist?

If you are an artist, you don’t have to choose between artistic and academic pursuits. Student-artist status is obtained after submitting an application that is jointly examined by the University and the regional cultural directorate.  
For 2023/2024, the completed application must be submitted to the cultural office of the University of Strasbourg (Service de l'action culturelle) by Monday, May 15, 2023, at 5:00 p.m.  
The type of accommodation depends on a student's situation. To request accommodations, students must provide the Registrar’s Office with proof of student-artist status granted by the cultural office of the University of Strasbourg.


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