We promote equal opportunity and encourage our 3,600 students to be proud of what makes them unique.

Diversity - EM Strasbourg

What's Diversity?

Diversity defines the world we live in. There is individuality in multiple domains such as ethnic origins, cultural differences, personalities, gender, religions, etc. There are as many individuals as there are personalities and this is what constitutes diversity. Today, this is a real challenge for companies and has become a fundamental value that aims to promote tolerance and equal opportunity beyond all differences. 


How Do We Approach Diversity at EM Strasbourg?

At EM Strasbourg, diversity is a value that is dear to us. We advocate open-mindedness and encourage all our students to assert their personality and reveal their talents. This is our slogan: Be Distinctive.



"Diversity is a core issue for EM Strasbourg, which cultivates and asserts its Be Distinctive slogan in all aspects of school life. This invitation to cultivate your own difference inevitably calls for accepting those of others."

Herbert Castéran, Dean of EM Strasbourg



There is huge potential in each person’s differences and individual features. This is what EM Strasbourg promotes through its research work, the teaching it provides, and its partnerships with the economic world. We promote equal opportunity and encourage our 3,600 students to be proud of their differences. 


Our Diversity Plan

Our desire is to disseminate knowledge to as many people as possible and to encourage them to share experiences and debates. We want to enable everyone to freely determine their future within a framework of empathy for all, with a strong sense of managerial and personal responsibility.

EM Strasbourg takes an active part in revealing each person's traits and personality, freeing everyone's thoughts by offering the opportunity to operate in different cultural environments and by promoting acceptance of others, whatever their origin, gender, or difference.


Let's take pride in ourselves 


The Diversity Label

Since 2012, EM Strasbourg has held the Diversity Label. It was created to demonstrate public and private organizations’ commitment to “preventing discrimination, providing equal opportunity, and promoting diversity in human resources management.” As part of a dynamic of continuous improvement, the Diversity Label makes it possible to regularly evaluate the management of diversity within the School by providing all its stakeholders with equal opportunity while preventing and fighting against discrimination.


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