EM Strasbourg integrates ethical values into its strategy and teaching and research activities on a daily basis.

Ethics - EM Strasbourg

What Are Ethics?

Ethics can be defined as a person's set of moral principles. In the business world, practicing ethical and fair management builds trust and mobilizes teams. It is also a matter of ensuring consistency between discourse and practice: what the company stands for in terms of values and the concrete actions that flow from them. Companies that adopt ethical practices have a constructive impact on society and project a positive image. They are a token of the trust placed in organizations not only by their customers, but also by their employees. In a climate of trust, employees develop in a healthy and efficient work environment.


How Do We Approach Ethics at EM Strasbourg?

EM Strasbourg integrates ethical values into its strategy, teaching, and practices on a daily basis. It undertakes to observe the application of criteria relating to respect for the individual and the environment, as well as the consideration of different cultural and intellectual values.


"Managers of the future will not only be respectful of the laws of their country, they will also be pioneers who chart paths and carry aspirations. I profoundly believe that ethics is the most promising way to achieve the results that every manager hopes for: teams that want to work and get involved in a collaborative way for the greater well-being of everyone."

Herbert Castéran, Dean of EM Strasbourg


Be yourself,
when you need to, 
and especially when you don't need to.



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