Sustainable development

We give our students the keys to become successful and responsible managers.

Sustainable development - EM Strasbourg

What Is Sustainable Development in Business?

Sustainable development concerns all organizations. It allows them to optimize their performance and strengthen their competitiveness while limiting the impact of their activity on the planet. Economic efficiency, social equity, and environmental quality make up corporate social responsibility. Managers who are committed to these themes represent real added value for companies.



How Do We Approach Sustainable Development at EM Strasbourg?

We want to give our students the keys to become the successful and responsible managers that companies are looking for. Today, more than ever, managers must define strategies that take into account environmental impact and economic and social stakes. As future professionals, you will be aware of these issues throughout your studies. At EM Strasbourg, sustainable development is an integral part of our teaching.


"The managers of the future will soon be on the front line in implementing corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives. This is why these issues must be at the heart of all the teaching in every course, just like what is happening in companies, as all business sectors are now affected by sustainable development issues. So we favor a cross-functional approach."

Pia Imbs, Head of the Sustainable Development and CSR Chair at EM Strasbourg


Building for the long term, that's good.
Building for a sustainable world, 
that's even better.



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