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Type of exchanges

Simple exchange

Students from partner universities spend one or two semesters taking a selection of courses at EM Strasbourg Business School. They are graded for the courses that they take and they transfer the grades/ECTS credits obtained here to their home universities. They do not receive a degree from EM Strasbourg Business School. Simple exchange students have the possibility to attend undergraduate and/or graduate business courses taught in English and/or in French, as well as French language courses.


Dual degrees

Students from partner universities with whom EM Strasbourg has concluded a dual degree agreement spend one academic year at EM Strasbourg Business School.

Dual degrees within the Grande Ecole masters’ programme (Master's level)

Master's level students follow one of our specialisations taught in English or in French (depending on the dual degree agreement):
The students spend two semesters of studies in Strasbourg, and they need to complete an internship, write a Case Study and pass a final oral examination at the end of their studies. The latter is not marked, but it is compulsory for any student wishing to obtain the Master’s degree. Upon successful completion of the program, students receive the master’s degree from EM Strasbourg Business School and the degree from their home university. 

Dual Degrees within the Bachelor of International Business

The Bachelor of International Business (BIB) is an undergraduate degree of the University of Strasbourg taught over three years. Students from the University of Furtwangen in Germany complete the BIB program as dual degree students. Classes offered in English and French are taken alongside the French students enrolled in the final year of the program.

Bachelor in European Management

The Bachelor in European Management is a top-up degree of the University of Strasbourg. It is completed over two semesters and is taught in English. In addition, French as a foreign language courses (beginner's to upper intermediate level) are inclued in the curriculum.
Upon successful completion of the program, students receive the Bachelor's in European Management from EM Strasbourg Business School.

Students interested in participating in this program should have completed at least two years of higher education (120 ECTS credits or equivalent) in business prior to arriving in Strasbourg and should meet our language requirements.

Date of update December 18, 2020

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Exchange Student Services
Exchange students may visit our International Relations Office:

Building D, Office B109
Open every morning from 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.
Afternoons by appointment only

Or contact the International Relations Office by e-mail:


Focus Europe
Being in the heart of Europe in the city of Strasbourg is a geographical advantage for our School which we integrate into our study programs in turning Europe into a natural component of our curricula.

An excellent example of matching European theory and practice is the class “Introduction to European Economic Policy” led by Dr. Sabine Menu, Associate Professor. In order to gain practical understanding of decision making within the European institutions, over 100 students take part in a simulation game and visit the European Parliament.

During their visit students will have the opportunity to meet members of the European Parliament and take over different roles in the decision making process discussing the end of “geo blocking “within the European single market. Read what the students have to say about this experience.