D. Kwok, publication dans European Journal of International Management


Diana Kwok, enseignant-chercheur à l’EM Strasbourg, a reçu l’acception du European Journal of International Management pour un article à paraître courant 2021.

Cet article est intitulé "Cross-border M&As and early subordinate-leader trust: a social identity approach".


Cross-border M&As are characterised by uncertainty and complexity, with identities and cultural differences that interconnect at multiple levels. This paper addresses subordinate-leader trust, an essential element for post-acquisition integration, and takes the perspective of the multicultural acquired-firm subordinate as the basic unit of analysis. Drawing on social identity and the concept of multiculturalism in M&As, the paper develops a model of trust in foreign-acquirer leaders based on ethnic similarity or religious similarity. The central argument is that ethnic and religious principles represent the work-related values of subordinates and leaders alike. The theoretical model offers an insight into the cognitive processes behind new subordinate-leader relationships that result from cross-border M&As. Factors that may be relevant to the context of post-acquisition integration are also suggested in order to explore the boundary conditions of the model.

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