L. Weill, F. Osei-Tutu, publication dans Journal of Financial Services Research


Laurent Weill, directeur du LaRGE, va publier prochainement un article dans le "Journal of Financial Services Research", écrit encollaboration avec un doctorant du laboratoire.

Laurent Weill et Francis Osei-Tutu (LaRGE, EM Strasbourg) ont co-écrit un article intitulé "How language shapes bank risk taking?".

Abstract :
We analyze the impact of language on risk-taking behavior of banks. Languages that grammatically distinguish between present andfuture events make the future feel more distant than the present and as thus favor a less future-oriented behavior (Chen, American Economic Review, 2013). Our hypothesis is that these languages lead banks to take more risk since they reduce the perception ofpotential losses associated with risky activities. We investigate this hypothesis on a sample of 1401 banks from 81 countries over the2010–2017 period. We perform random effects regressions of bank risk, measured by the Z-score, on the type of language. We find thatbanks from countries with future tense marking take more risk in accordance with our prediction. This finding is robust to the inclusion ofalternative culture indicators, to alternative definitions of bank risk and of future time reference. We also observe that future tense markingis associated with greater occurrence of banking crises. Our conclusion is thus that language contributes to explain the cross-country differences in bank risk-taking.

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