R. Huaman-Ramirez, publication dans Public Organization Review


Richard Huaman-Ramirez, enseignant-chercheur à l’EM Strasbourg, a publié récemment un article dans la revue Public Organization Review [CNRS cat. 3, FNEGE cat. 4, HCERES cat. B].

L’article est intitulé "Understanding Career Plateaus and Their Relationship with Coworker Social Support and Organizational Commitment" et a été écrit en collaboration avec Khaled Lahlouh (Rabat Business School).


This study aims to first examine the relationship between perceived coworker support and career plateauing in a collectivist culture. Second, it examines the relationship between career plateauing and organizational commitment. 228 Algerian executives employed in various public sector organizations took part in our study. The hypotheses were tested through structural equation modeling. The results showed coworker support was negatively correlated to both hierarchical and job content plateaus. In terms of the consequences, the results demonstrate that both forms of career plateauing are negatively related to affective commitment, while only the content career plateau is positively related to few alternatives commitment.

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