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Do you want to participate in the educational offer of EM Strasbourg? We offer a series of opportunities to actively take part in the education of our students.

Prospect’Act | Teach a class at EM Strasbourg



You are looking at performing a case study to contribute to your company’s development: reach new markets, identify new export opportunities, optimize your sourcing, build your benchmark, etc. Our answer: Prospect’Act. A team of first year students of our Programme Grande Ecole will carry out the study for free.

A win-win partnership

The aim of Prospect’Act is to support the development of companies and to get them involved into the training of their future co-workers. It is a hands-on educational project, which integrates students into the corporate world, directly after entering EM Strasbourg Business School. This first experience helps them develop both knowledge and practical skills.

Two English-speaking groups and one German-speaking group can work on international projects, requiring foreign language skills.


  • Provide students with a practical training
  • Start to make them think in a professional way
  • Develop their knowledge of the corporate world

Prospect’Act is meant as a win-win partnership by contributing to the development of partner companies of EM Strasbourg Business School.


During the first semester, the head of degree defines the Prospect’Act specifications with the company. Students are split into teams of 4 to 6 people. A company can benefit from several teams working on the same project.

Each team has to carry out an operational study for a partner company, dealing with a business development project (diversification, expansion of services, export, sourcing, benchmarking, etc.), based on the specifications defined beforehand with the head of degree.

Students meet the company at least three times: during the first session, to get familiar with the specifications; at the halfway point, to check the mission progress, and for the final presentation.

A lecturer is assigned for mentoring students and for guiding them during their work. This training and tutoring take place during two hours per week.

At the end of the 3 months of the second semester, each student team has to submit an exploratory study resulting from the collection of resources and good practices. Students are finally evaluated by both the lecturer and the company.

Prospect’Act can be extended through an internship with a student of the team.

Didier Wehrli
Head of the Prospect’Act project

Marina Masselin
Executive Education and Prospect'Act Assistant


Teach a class at EM Strasbourg

Each year, several hundreds of managers teach in EM Strasbourg’s study programs. Would you be interested?

It is possible to teach in various study areas:
  • Purchasing / Supply Chain
  • Finance / Audit / Financial Control
  • Human Resources • Entrepreneurship
  • Marketing / E-Marketing / Business Negotiation & Management

Olivier Broihanne
Business & Corporate Development Director


Date of update February 27, 2020

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