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Do you want to participate in the educational offer of EM Strasbourg? We offer a series of dates when you can take an active part in the education of our students.

Onsite Training Days

EM Strasbourg organizes a company day, «Onsite Training Day,» during the third (specialization) year of the Grande Ecole Program. This is a day to introduce students to the environment of managers and their jobs, and to have them work on a problem defined in advance by the company in collaboration with their specialization teacher.

  • Audit and Accounting, Finance – Financial Audit
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Marketing-Sales-Distribution
  • Human Resources
  • Purchasing - Logistics and Supply Chain 


Offers businesses and partner agencies the opportunity to carry out an assignment at no charge: the Prospect’Act teaching module provides practical assignments at regional, national and international levels performed by first year students in the Grande Ecole Program, under the supervision of teachers. In the end, it saves valuable time for the benefit of the company.

Admission panels

In June, be on the selection panels for the Bachelor’s Program, Grande Ecole and University Master’s! This is a good opportunity to meet our candidates and prospective students.

Teach a class

Every year, 500 business executives are directly involved in the teaching of school courses. Why not you?

Europe Études

European Etudes is the Junior Company of EM Strasbourg run by students from the Grande Ecole Program. Their areas of expertise? They correspond to the courses taught in the school, the quality of which is guaranteed by the master’s degree level. Member of the National Confederation of Junior Enterprises (CNJE), Europe Etudes relies on a team of qualified students especially motivated to carry out your projects.

Jobs Service

Mystery shopper, Event Host and Hostess, sales demonstrator, assistant HR: these are many of the tasks entrusted to our students by different companies. Much like a temporary work agency, Jobs Service regularly offers students one-off or medium-term jobs.

Date of update August 21, 2018

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Onsite Training Days : Marie-Hélène Brémont
Prospect'Act : Anne Delattre
Admission panels : Nathalie Sipp
Teach a class : Marie-Hélène Brémont
Europe Études : Nathalie Sipp - Europe Études
Jobs Service : Nathalie Sipp - Jobs Service
The "La Ruche" Entrepreneurship Centre
In November 2013, the EM Strasbourg Business School inaugurated its new entrepreneurship and pre-incubator center entitled «La Ruche » (The Hive). The center brings together different entrepreneurship training programs offered at EM Strasbourg Business School with a view to assisting aspiring entrepreneurs among the School’s students and alumni. The new facility, which provides space for exchanges and experience-sharing with faculty members and professional practitioners, is designed to foster a community of entrepreneurs within Strasbourg’s business school.