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Faculty members are managed by the Associate Dean for Faculty Management and Research (Prof. Géraldine Broye) as well as the four heads of the academic areas:

  • Management & Human Resources: Dr Jocelyne Yalenios ;
  • Finance, Accounting & Control: Prof. Marie Pfiffelmann ;
  • Marketing & Information Systems: Prof. Claire Roederer ;
  • Strategy & Operations Management: Prof. Gilles Lambert.

Most of our faculty members have an academic background and belong to one of our research centers (HuManiS and LaRGE). They spend their working time between teaching and research activities, and they can assume administrative responsibilities at the School. Thanks to their expertise in the different academic areas and to their research work, they enrich the content of our courses and add value to our different study programs. 

Date of update March 5, 2020

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Search in the directory