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PhD in Management Science
Field : Strategy / Operational Management

Teaching fields

Stratégie, prospective et anticipation

Research topics

Reconnaissance, industries créatives, trajectoires


2017- - Associate Professor, EM Strasbourg, Université de Strasbourg
2012-2017 - Assistant Professor, Institut Supérieur de Gestion, Paris
2011-2012 - Post-doctorat, Grenoble Ecole de Management et Cambridge University, Paris et Cambridge (UK)
2007-2011 - Doctorat en sciences de gestion, Université de Grenoble, Grenoble
2006-2007 - Master 2 Recherche en Organisations, IAE Grenoble, Grenoble
2004 - Diplôme d'études supérieures en management, Grenoble Ecole de Management, Grenoble
Academic articles CNRS/FNEGE/HCERES
"Governing Workplace Safety through Apparatuses: A Historical Study of the French Construction Industry in the 20th Century", (with T. Daudigeos, S. Jaumier, A. Boutinot), Organization, 2017 [CNRS cat. 1 / FNEGE rang 1 / HCERES]
"Exploring the Links between Reputation and Fame: Evidence from French Contemporary Architecture", (with A. Boutinot, I. Joly, V. Mangematin, S. Ansari), Organization Studies, 2017 [CNRS cat. 1 / FNEGE rang 1 / HCERES]
"The Role of Wikipedia on Corporate E-reputation - Evidence from French Companies", (with I. Khelladi, A. Boutinot), International Studies of Management and Organization, 2017 [CNRS cat. 3 / FNEGE rang 3 / HCERES]
"How Do Creative Genres Emerge? The Case of the Australian Wine Industry", (with G. Croidieu, C. Rüling, A. Boutinot), Journal of Business Research, Vol. 69, n° 2334-2342, 2016 [CNRS cat. 2 / FNEGE rang 2 / HCERES]
"The Historical Study of Institutional Change Over Long Periods: Pitfalls and Perspective. A Commentary on The Article By Hélène Peton And Stéphan Pezé", (with T. Daudigeos, A. Boutinot, S. Jaumier), M@na@gement, Vol. 18, n° 3, 2015 [CNRS cat. 2 / FNEGE rang 2 / HCERES]
"Reputational Spillovers: Evidence from French Architecture", (with A. Boutinot, S. Ansari, M. Belkhouja, V. Mangematin), Strategic Organization, Vol. 13, n° 4, 2015 [CNRS cat. 3 / FNEGE rang 3 / HCERES]
"Surfing on Institutions: When Temporary Actors in Organizational Fields Respond to Institutional Pressures", (with A. Boutinot, V. Mangematin), European Management Journal, Vol. 31, 2013 [CNRS cat. 3 / FNEGE rang 3 / HCERES]
Academic articles
"Taking Stock of Institutional Complexity: Anchoring a Pool of Institutional Logics into the Interinstitutional System with a Descendant Hierarchical Analysis", (with T. Daudigeos, A. Boutinot, S. Jaumier), Research in the Sociology of Organizations, Vol. 39, n° B, 2013
Chapters in research books
"Stratégie et industries créatives", in : Sébastien Liarte, "in :Grands courants en management stratégique", EMS Editions, 2019, (with Hélène Delacour)
"Reputation-Building in the French Architecture Field", in : Chris Mathieu, "in :Careers in Creative Industries", Rootledge, 2011, (with A. Boutinot)
Papers presented at academic association conferences
"2019: Boutinot, A., The role of a cultural heritage to shape a city identity: Cultural identity work by the city of Nancy (France)", EGOS annual conference, Edinburgh, Scotland, 2019
"Boutinot, A. and Delacour, H., A review and directions for future research on the creative industries", AIMAC, Venice, Italy, 2019, (with Delacour, H.)
"Boutinot, A., Castellano, S., Duymedjian, R. ", EGOS annual conference, Athens, Greece, 2015, (with Castellano, Sylvaine, Duymedjian, Raffi, Ivanova, Olga)
"Boutinot, A., Castellano, S. ", EGOS annual conference, Rotterdam, The Netherlands, 2014, (with Castellano, Sylvaine, Ivanova, Olga)
"Daudigeos T., Boutinot A. and Jaumier S. Taking Stock of Institutional Complexity: Anchoring a Pool of Institutional Logics into the Interinstitutional System with a Descendant Hierarchical Analysis", EGOS annual conference, Montréal, Canada, 2013, (with Daudigeos, Thibault, Jaumier, Stéphane)
"Jaumier S., Daudigeos T., ", AIMS, Clermont-Ferrand, France, 2013, (with Jaumier, Stéphane, Daudigeos, Thibault)
Written cases with instructional materials
Meubles du Plexin : Reprise d’entreprise et réflexion stratégique. Should I stay or should I go?, CCMP, ECCH , 2016, (with A. Boutinot, V. Steyer, J. Miller, J. Cadot)
La Bobine : Evolution d’un modèle économique et enjeux identitaires dans l’économie de la culture, CCMP, ECCH , 2014, (with S. Le Loarne, A. Boutinot)
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