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Associate professor PhD
Regional Coordinator
Field : Strategy / Operational Management

Teaching fields


Research topics

- Les liens entre le marketing et la stratégie, en particulier: Business models, portefeuilles de marques, création de compétences et dépendance de sentier, marchés bi-faces
- Affaires internationales, en particulier: Marketing dans et depuis les pays émergents, Globalisation et management interculturel


European Management (EMA)
M2 Management - études, conseil, recherche
M2 Management Marketing Management et ecoute des marches FC et AP
Working Papers
CHAILAN C. (2011). A study of the brand portfolio as a brand network
CHAILAN C. (2008). The Schizophrenic Nature of a Multibrand Strategy: Superposition, Complementarity or Opposition?
CHAILAN C. (2007). Innovaciones de ruptura: de la incertidumbre al riesgo
CHAILAN C. (2004). Portafolios de marca: un marco conceptual
Chapter in a book
CHAILAN C., VALEK I. (2018). Preserving Luxury Exclusivity Through Arts. The Management of Luxury, Berghaus, B., Mueller-Stevens, G., Reinecke, S., editors
CHAILAN C., VALEK I. (2014). Preserving Luxury Exclusivity Through Arts. The Management of Luxury, Kogan Page, London, Berghaus, B., Mueller-Stevens, G., Reinecke, S., editors, 157-172
CHAILAN C. (2006). Brand portfolio: a new marketing competency for diminishing strategic risks. Corporate strategies under international terrorism and adversity, G. Suder
CHAILAN C., ILLE F. (2011). Emerging Countries’ Firms’ Branding Strategy. Internationalization of Emerging Economies and Firms, London, M. Marinov
Articles in academic journals
MAZE D., CHAILAN C. (2020). A South-South perspective on emerging economy companies and institutional coevolution: An empirical study of Chinese multinationals in Africa. International Business Review [CNRS cat.2, FNEGE cat.2, HCERES cat.A]
CHAILAN C. (2018). Art as a means to recreate luxury brands' rarity and value. Journal of Business Research, 85 [CNRS cat.2, FNEGE cat.2, HCERES cat.A]
CHAILAN C. (2015). Branding from emerging countries: How to compete internationally?. Critical Perspectives on International Business, 11 (n° 1) [CNRS cat.4, FNEGE cat.4, HCERES cat.C]
CHAILAN C. (2010). From an Aggregate to a Brands Network: A study of the Brand Portfolio at L’Oréal. Journal of Marketing Management, 26 (n° 1), 74-89 [CNRS cat.3, FNEGE cat.3, HCERES cat.B]
CHAILAN C. (2009). Brand Architecture and Brand Portfolio: A Clarification. Euromed Journal of Business, 4 (n° 2), 173-184
CHAILAN C. (2008). Brand Portfolio and Competitive Advantage: An Empirical Study. Journal of Product and Brand Management, 17 (n° 4), 254-264 [CNRS cat.4, FNEGE cat.3, HCERES cat.C]
CHAILAN C. (2013). The influence of key capabilities on brand portfolio-based competitive advantage. International Journal of Trade and Global Markets, 6 (n° 2)
RIXEN M., BöBEL I., CHAILAN C. (2013). Creating Shared Value on a Global Scale: Possibilities for the United Nations' Engagement. Journal of Competitiveness and Strategy, 3
CHAILAN C., ILLE F. (2011). Improving Global Competitiveness With Branding Strategy. Cases of Chinese and Emerging Countries’ Firms. Journal of Technology Management in China, 6 (n° 1)
SUDER G., CHAILAN C., SUDER D. (2008). Strategic Megabrand Management: does global uncertainty affect brands? A post-9/11 US/non-US comparison of the 100 biggest brands. Journal of Product and Brand Management, 17 (n° 7) [CNRS cat.4, FNEGE cat.3, HCERES cat.C]
Participation in a meeting/workshop/seminar/conference/study day/etc.
CHAILAN C. Luxury Brands Management and the Arts, (American Marketing Association 2016)
CHAILAN C. Art-based Rarity for Luxury Brands, (LVMH-SMu Luxury Conference 2016)
CHAILAN C. Branding from emerging countries to the world - Some conceptual foundations, (6th EMAC conference on Emerging Markets Septembre 2015)
CHAILAN C. Branding from emerging countries to the world: A conceptual framework, (10th Global Brand Conference - Academy of Marketing Avril 2015)
CHAILAN C. Recreating Brand Rarity in the Luxury Industry, (British Academy of Management Avril 2014)
CHAILAN C. From art performance to luxury experience: A new paradigm to preserve exclusivity in a democratic environment, (13th International Marketing Trends Conference Janvier 2014)
CHAILAN C. The role of art in luxury goods ans services management, (Euromed Academy of Business - 6th conference 2013)
CHAILAN C. Strategic compétences and brand portfolio-based business models, (International conference on competence-based strategic management 2012)
CHAILAN C. Marketing from an emerging country: A proposed model, (Academy of Marketing Science 2011)
CHAILAN C. Stratégie de marque dans les pays émergents : L’option de la rupture E, (Réseau des Instituts d’Administration des Entreprises 2010)
CHAILAN C. The role of place endorsement and city names in crafting luxury brand image, (Global Marketing Conference 2010)
CHAILAN C. Building brands from emerging countries: Why and how?, (Global Brand Management Conference 2010)
Case studies
CHAILAN C. (2017). Havana Club: Cuban Ron Guerrilla. CCMP, M1977 (GB)
CHAILAN C. (2012). S.T. Dupont: Back to Brand. CCMP, ECCH 512-051-1
CHAILAN C. (2011). Club Med: Is The Phoenix Rising From the Ashes?. CCMP, ECCH 511-060-1
CHAILAN C. (2010). Al Marsa Fisheries - Sustainability put into practice. CCMP, ECCH 310-200-1
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