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Job openings

Since talent development is at the heart of a business school’s activity, the human resource management policy of EM Strasbourg Business School seeks to scout out, attract, motivate, develop, and retain talent.

Job openings


ADJUNCT LECTURERS - Call for applications

As part of its development and international accreditation policy, EM Strasbourg regularly recruits temporary lecturers and is particularly open to receiving applications from professionals and research lecturers with high international potential in the field of management.


  • No vacancies are currently available


  • No vacancies are currently available

Date of update May 13, 2020

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Recruitment team

The School is at your service for any complaint:
03 68 85 89 33

The aim of the human resources policy, defined in accordance with the values promoted by the University and the School, is for each one of us at EM Strasbourg to fully contribute to creating overall value for the School while respecting our individual uniqueness and personal development.
In concrete terms, the School is committed to:
  • ensuring its performance by organizing work at the human scale,
  • integrating national and international expertise suited to its needs and the expectations of the current and future market it occupies,
  • making the School a true learning environment where its employees can develop their employability and experience professional growth, and
  • concerning itself with the safety, health, and working conditions of its employees.

“Together, we ensure the full development of EM Strasbourg Business School. Together, we shape a shared future.”