Cluster: Climate Responsibility in and of Organizations

Objective: to stimulate transdisciplinary research projects on the topic of organizational climate responsibility

Cluster: Climate Responsibility in and of Organizations - EM Strasbourg


EM Strasbourg's research clusters bring together the School's faculty, experts in various fields of management science, to work on transdisciplinary research topics. The objective is to develop innovative and impactful research projects through high-level scientific collaboration.

Linked to EMSBS’s area of expertise “sustainable and responsible management,” the cluster Climate Responsibility in and of Organizations cluster aims to bring together research lecturers from EMSBS, experts in different fields of management sciences, to study the antecedents and consequences of climate responsibility at different levels (micro, meso, and macro).


Project and organization

Climate responsibility is a source of multiple tensions, with stakeholders (individuals, organizations, politicians) having diverse objectives and interests in the various solutions being considered to mitigate climate change. We have thus chosen to use the theoretical framework of tensions and paradoxes as a central theme.

The main research questions that will guide collaboration within the cluster are formulated as follows:

  • How is climate responsibility translated at the micro/meso/macro level?
  • How is climate responsibility influenced at those different levels?
  • How do organizations/individuals/stakeholders manage the tensions associated with a transition toward increased climate responsibility?
  • How do those tensions affect climate responsibility and its consequences?

The cluster will focus on approximately three contributions related to the different research questions mentioned. The studies carried out within the framework of the cluster are a starting point for investigating this new research topic.

The multidisciplinary team, which has been formed around this cluster, is complementary in terms of methodological expertise by including experts in qualitative and quantitative methodology. The members represent the different fields of management and bring together the theoretical expertise needed to study climate responsibility.

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