EM Strasbourg Business School organizes the European Muay Thai championship on January 21

Herbert Castéran et Bilal Chareuf

EM Strasbourg Business School (EMSBS) organizes EM Strasbourg Prestige, a large-scale Muay Thai event on January 21, 2022, from 6:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m. at Gymnase Aristide Briand in Strasbourg. The reason behind this unprecedented commitment? Bilal Bakhouche Chareuf, a 2021 PGE graduate, will attempt to win the WMC European Champion belt in his 82.55 kg [182 lb] category. Herbert Castéran, Dean of EM Strasbourg Business School, and Bilal Bakhouche Chareuf present this Be Distinctive event reserved for the School's community.


Bilal, what does this event mean to you?

Bilal Bakhouche Chareuf: It is the realization of a personal and professional goal. This is the first boxing event organized in France by a business school. I had this goal in mind for several years. Many people doubted its feasibility and encouraged me to pursue a different goal, but I decided to persevere and commit myself fully to this one. Today is the fulfillment of that dream. “Where there is a will, there is a way” is not a concept but a reality. I’m showing students that motivation is the key to success. The only barriers that exist are the ones we create for ourselves.

The organization of this event is indeed a first for a business school. Why did EMSBS decide to take up this challenge?

Herbert Castéran: This event is totally in line with the values of EMSBS. Our School is a place where people discover who they really are, a place that highlights the potential of our students and graduates. Through the organization of this gala, we wish to honor our slogan, Be Distinctive, which is embodied by Bilal. 

Bilal, what do you think of the School’s level of investment?

Bilal Bakhouche Chareuf: The fact that the School is hosting this European championship is a great source of pride. EMSBS is a second home for me. It's where I was able to get my bearings and meet a ton of people. Throughout my studies, I wanted to get involved in the School, particularly through the student associations (Sports Association, Student Association, and the Multimedia Association).

Through this event, I want to introduce my sport to the entire EMSBS community. Muay Thai conveys values that I have been trying to encourage since I entered EMSBS: surpassing oneself, self-sacrifice, courage, and perseverance. This sporting event is also an opportunity to get together. It’s a time for sharing and discovery within the EMSBS community.

Throughout their studies at EMSBS, students find these opportunities for sharing with, for example, EM's Kitchen, the EM Winter Games, Fashion Week, and the Ecricome Challenge. How are these events fundamental to the School?

Herbert Castéran: Our contribution to society cannot be reduced to mere technical skills. Our values, our community involvement, and our passions are also essential assets. Through these events, we contribute to the development of each other’s potential. These are foundational moments in the student experience that we offer. 

The European Muay Thai championship will be hosted by the Sports Association and the Arts Association of EMSBS. Why did you put student associations at the heart of this event?

Bilal Bakhouche Chareuf: It’s a real desire on our part to showcase the School's student associations to the general public. EMSBS's associations are full of talent. This event is an opportunity for them to shine at the local and national level. The championship will be broadcasted online for free. 

Herbert Castéran: Our associations are where talents and personalities at EMSBS develop. It’s within the associations that the School can support and reveal the potential of everyone. It’s therefore logical to honor this community life that gives so much to our students.

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Bilal et Herbert Castéran


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