EM Strasbourg launches a unique trinational master's program in Europe: Master of European Digital & Sustainable Business

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Given the digital transformation and climate crisis, the need for companies to contribute to global sustainability objectives is growing rapidly. With the new trinational Master of European Digital & Sustainable Business, EM Strasbourg, in collaboration with the Hochschule für Wirtschaft FHNW in Basel, Switzerland, and the Hochschule Offenburg in Germany, is rolling out this degree in September 2024 to train future managers in a European context characterized by digitalization and a commitment to the ecological transition.


Deepening territorial roots and cross-border exchanges

Strengthening the School's roots in its local ecosystem is a strategic priority that will be pursued throughout the term of office of Babak Mehmanpazir, Dean of EM Strasbourg. “We're based in one of Europe's richest and most dynamic regions, so it's essential to work closely with the region's economic players. This will enable us to contribute to the development of our region, in particular by offering our students professional opportunities to develop their intercultural skills and become future leaders capable of directing the companies in this unique cross-border area,” he adds.


A two-year master's degree to understand digital and climate issues on an international scale

The master's degree in European digital & sustainable business enables students to acquire a triple degree combining managerial and technological expertise, professional experience through the management of sustainable projects and business models, and co-op in second year. The curriculum is interdisciplinary and strongly practice-oriented. It provides knowledge and skills in the fields of sustainable development, business administration, and environmental and digitalization technologies. Through concrete projects with companies and organizations, students learn to look at complex problems from different perspectives and put into practice innovative, competitive, and comprehensive solutions.


A resolutely European program of study

Studying in three languages (German, English, and French) and three countries enables graduates to take on responsibilities in international teams. Upon graduation, they receive a triple degree: a master's degree from each of the three renowned partner universities, making them specialists in digital and sustainable business administration. Future graduates have excellent career prospects, whether in management, consulting, training, and research or as an independent entrepreneur.

  • The first year of the master's program takes place via full-time study. It is divided between courses at the Hochschule Offenburg in Germany (September to mid-February) and the Hochschule für Wirtschaft FHNW in Basel, Switzerland (March to June).
  • The second year of the master's program involves full-time co-op: alternating periods of work at a host company and study at EM Strasbourg.

For Stephano Vacher, Head of the Master of European Digital & Sustainable Business at EM Strasbourg, “This two-year master’s program, one of its kind in Europe, enables students to gain a triple skill set in digitalization, business, and CSR as well as the expertise to understand the micro- and macroeconomic environment of an organization and its managerial implications.

Our aim is to produce future business leaders capable of adopting a strategic approach to make the most of changes brought about by environmental, digital, and technological factors. Ultimately, this master's degree in European digital & sustainable business will enable European companies to develop innovative business models with a lasting positive impact in a globalized world.”


Application procedure and prerequisites

Procedure: Submission of application + interview


  • A three-year undergraduate degree in law, science, marketing, economics, accounting, or human sciences
  • At least a B1 level in English and German
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