Master of European Digital and Sustainable Business (EDSB)

Join this professional master's program to develop your skills and expertise.

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This trinational master’s program gives you a triple skill set in digitalization, business, and CSR (corporate social responsibility) as well as the managerial and technological expertise to understand the micro- and macroeconomic environment of an organization and its managerial implications. It trains students who are ready to dedicate themselves to shaping a sustainable future. They learn how to develop and implement sustainable business models that are economically viable and make a positive contribution to the environment and society. Working in trinational teams, students combine knowledge in the fields of sustainability, business administration, and digitalization and apply it to advance sustainable change.

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Associate Professor, Head of the EDSB Master's Degree at EM Strasbourg

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Program Objectives

  • Approach complex problems from different perspectives (digital, commercial, and CSR) and develop comprehensive, innovative, and forward-looking solutions 

  • Develop, implement, and manage projects in a European or international environment from a managerial and technological point of view

  • Identify a company's managerial challenges in order to implement an optimal business strategy and formulate new technological solutions based on a sustainable business model

  • Transform innovative technical solutions into sustainable business proposals

  • Develop the skills needed to seize business opportunities in a European or international context 

Strengths of the Program

Individual guidance and support for students
Six-month impact project

Skills Developed

Hard Skills

Recycling systems

Resource efficiency

Sustainable business strategies

Business administration and ethics

Renewable energy

Data science and artificial intelligence

Globalization, geopolitics, and sustainability

Business culture and change management

Oral and written communication in French, German, and English

Soft Skills



Report writing

Analysis of your environment

Deductive reasoning

Intercultural mindset




Job Prospects

SME manager, industrial market director, export manager, technical sales executive, sustainable marketing research manager, technological transition director, bid manager, business manager or project manager for industry, eco-design, industrial contracts, etc. 
Recruiting sectors: automotive, capital goods, metallurgy, electronics and home automation, chemical and parachemical, pharmaceutical, heavy industry, aeronautic, etc.




Expert Testimonials

“The degree’s aim to train future managers in environmental, digital, and technological issues on a trinational scale is perfectly in line with the research activities I lead within the scope of the Observatory of the Future, which endeavors to inform the strategies of local companies so that they may face major challenges in the future. Technology and the environment are key issues for the future of organizations, and I believe that fostering a global vision of these issues will undeniably ensure the success of this training program and meet a real demand from companies.”  

Jean-Philippe Bootz, Full Professor, Head of the Observatory of the Future, and Head of the Knowledge Management & Foresight Chair at EM Strasbourg 


This trinational master's program is a response to the clear lack of skills in the key areas it targets. Given the challenges posed by the ecological transition and digital transformation, it has become necessary to equip future managers and entrepreneurs with the skills they need to thrive in an ever-changing international context.  
The fruit of collaboration between three universities in a European context, each bringing complementary skills to the table, this degree recognizes that excellence lies in the diversity of expertise.” 

Stéphano Vacher, Associate Professor and Head of the EDSB Master's Degree at EM Strasbourg 


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