GIT-XP: Launch of Impulsion XP webinar series


As part of the GIT-XP  (Customer Experience Thematic Interest Group) of the French Marketing Association (AFM), co-directed by Tony Valentini and Michaël Flacandji, the Impulsion XP series of short, concise webinars has been launched to share research findings and encourage exchanges between customer experience professionals and professors.

Tony Valentini, associate professor at EM Strasbourg and member of HuManiS research center, has been invited to take part. He will be presenting a research paper during the first webinar on the theme of artificial intelligence and its role in the customer experience.


  • Several professors will have the opportunity to share their work:
    • Theme: Do AI and experience go well together?
    • Theme: Artificial empathy for a better customer experience


This workshop dedicated to AI will be led by two specialists in artificial intelligence: Julien Cloarec, Université Lyon 3, and Alex Deslee, Université de Lille.

The webinar will take place on July 4, 2024, from 11 a.m. to 12 p.m. If you would like to attend, please click on this link.

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