A look back on the Creativity, Art, and Transgression Workshop


The first workshop of the MAESTRO research cluster of EM Strasbourg, entitled "Creativity, Art, and Transgression: What Prospects for a Sustainable Management/Future?” took place on November 17, 2023, at EM Strasbourg.

Boasting a highly stimulating academic team, this event, dedicated to the study of transgression in the creative industries in relation to sustainability issues, was led by Amélie Boutinot, associate professor at EM Strasbourg, and co-hosted by Sandra Geiger Jacob [Fr], consultant at Eden Conseil.

Justine Rist, an Alsatian chef specializing in plants, led a transgressive culinary workshop to prepare the day's lunch around a zero-waste philosophy.

We obtained a short testimonial from the organizer, Amélie Boutinot:

“This day, rich in varied exchanges and workshops, enabled us to explore, both theoretically and concretely, the notion of transgression through collective intelligence approaches and discussion groups. Many thanks to all participants: Silviya Svejenova Velikova (Copenhagen Business School), Hannelore Van den Abeele (KU Leuven), Nathalie Louisgrand (Grenoble École de Management), Hélène Delacour (Université de Lorraine), Elen Riot (Université Paris 8), Louise Lecomte (Université Paris Dauphine), Alexandru Preda (ASE Université de Bucarest), Sophie Michel, Mathilde Jost, Odile Paulus, Hélène Langinier, and Marie Lemaire (EM Strasbourg).”




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