M. Pfiffelmann, P. Roger coordinate a special issue for Bankers, Markets & Investors


Marie Pfiffelmann and Patrick Roger, full professors at EMSBS, coordinated a special issue entitled “Behavioral Finance” for the journal Bankers, Markets & Investors, which was published in April.

This special issue features three research papers on the topic of behavioral finance. Marie Pfiffelmann and Patrick Roger collaborated in writing the editorial and the paper entitled “A note on portfolio choice and behavioral finance: Some food for thought.”


This special issue of Bankers, Markets & Investors, devoted to Behavioral Finance contains a diversified portfolio of papers in terms of topics, methods, and results.

The first paper co-authored by Jean-Francois Gajewski and Sima Ohadi is titled “How do anticipation and experience of regret affect financial decision-making? A lab experiment”. The second paper is written by Sana Charbti, Fabrice Hervé, and Evelyne Poincelot. The title is “Dividend Policy and Managerial Overconfidence: French Evidence”. Finally, the third contribution is “What do we learn about CEOs’ behaviour through neurofinance?”, written by Guillaume Baechler and Laurent Germain.


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