New international master's degree in European tourism, wine & agrifood management


Opening in September 2024, this two-year master's degree offered as a dual degree with Ca'Foscari University of Venice (Italy) will train future managers specializing in the booming tourism, wine, wine tourism, and agrifood industries.

The only master's program specializing in tourism, wine, and agrifood in the Grand Est region of France

This master’s program taught entirely in English offers a unique combination of courses in management, entrepreneurship, innovation, marketing, and digitalization specifically adapted to the tourism, wine, wine tourism, and agrifood industries in France and Italy. Coralie Haller, associate professor and program director, explains: “Students will gain a holistic understanding of the challenges, opportunities, and trends in these dynamic industries, while developing leadership and decision-making skills.”

Hands-on experience is at the heart of the program! Students work in “open innovation laboratories” and thus contribute to the strategic thinking of companies partnered with the program. They fully immerse themselves as they carry out applied research projects in companies.


Unique expertise in a resolutely European landscape

This master's program has been co-developed with the University of Ca'Foscari (Italy), a long-standing partner of EM Strasbourg. The multicultural cohort of students spends the first year of the program in Venice where they study full-time, and then the second year in Strasbourg where they alternate between work and study (co-op).

The program (approx. 400 hours/year) includes courses, conferences, and seminars and has the following objectives:

  • identify the main challenges facing the European tourism, wine, and agrifood industries;
  • understand the fundamentals of marketing and digitalization; 
  • develop innovative managerial and entrepreneurial skills in response to the complexity of professional situations in the European tourism, wine, and agrifood industries;
  • enhance knowledge of European tourism, wine, and agrifood products and services; and
  • deploy advanced research methodologies.


The degree is aimed at applicants with a three-year undergraduate degree in any discipline and at least a B2 level of English.

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Application period opens February 26, 2024

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