Renewal of the partnership between Hager Group and the corporate chair “Customer Experience”


Hager Group, a partner of EMSBS’s corporate chair “Customer Experience” since 2017, has renewed its partnership for a three-year period.

This new agreement was signed in the presence of Franck Houdebert, member of the board of directors at Hager Electro SAS, Martin Kaiser, director business group services at Hager Group, Caroline Nivelle, Europe customer marketing director at Hager Group, Hélène Monot, University of Strasbourg Foundation, and Claire Roederer, associate professor and head of the corporate chair at EMSBS.

“Sending a thank you to Hager Group for the quality of its support for the corporate chair “Customer Experience” at EMSBS. We look forward to future exchanges to deepen our understanding of customer experience in a connected world with all of the chair's partners: Hager Group, Schmidt Group, and Crédit Mutuel Alliance Fédérale.”

Claire Roederer – Head of the corporate chair 


partenariat chaire

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