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351 publications

LEMAIRE C., NOBRE T. (2019). Impact et actionnalibilité des métaphores dans la recherche qualitative. Application au secteur médico-social. Recherches en Sciences de Gestion (anciennement Revue Sciences de Gestion) (n° 130) [CNRS cat.4, FNEGE cat.3, HCERES cat.B]

DAMAND D., DERROUICHE R., BARTH M., CHEHBI GAMOURA S. (2019). Supply Chain Planning: potential generalization of parameterization rules based on a literature review. Supply Chain Forum: An International Journal, 20 (n° 3) [ABS cat.1, CNRS cat.4, FNEGE cat.3, HCERES cat.B] Impact Factor. 1

DEHARO G., POINT S. (2019). Comprendre une situation de harcèlement moral : vers un décodage juridico-gestionnaire. Recherches en Sciences de Gestion - Management Sciences -Ciencias de Gestión (n° 131) [CNRS cat.3, FNEGE cat.3]

GODLEWSKI C. (2019). Debt renegotiation and the design of financial contracts. Journal of Financial Services Research, 55 [ABS cat.3, CNRS cat.3, FNEGE cat.3, HCERES cat.B]

GROVE H., CLOUSE M., GEORG SCHAFFNER L. (2019). Cybersecurity Description and Control Criteria to Strengthen Corporate Governance. Journal of Leadership, Accountability and Ethics, 16 (n° 1)

KOKER U., KORUCA H., CHEHBI GAMOURA S. (2019). A Comparison of Current and Alternative Production Characteristics Of a Flow Line: Case Study In a Yarn Producer's Packaging Unit, , Vol. 10, n° 2147-8228, 2018 (with U. KÖKER, H. ?. KORUCA). International Journal of Applied Mathematics, Electronics and Computers, 7 (n° 1) Impact Factor. 1

NGUYEN T., DEKHILI S. (2019). Sustainable development in Vietnam: An examination of consumers' perceptions of green products. Business Strategy and Development, 2

CORBY S., WILLIAMS L., RICHARD S. (2019). Combatting disability discrimination: A comparison of France and Great Britain. European Journal of Industrial Relations, 25 (n° 1) [ABS cat.3, CNRS cat.3, FNEGE cat.3, HCERES cat.B]

BLAZY R., NIGAM N. (2019). Corporate insolvency procedures in England: the uneasy case for liquidations. European Journal of Law and Economics, 47 (n° 1) [ABS cat.1, CNRS cat.2, HCERES cat.A] Impact Factor. 1.11

KERROUCHE H., CHEHBI GAMOURA S. (2019). ??????? ??? ??????? ?????? ??????? - Non-verbal reinforcement of operative speech. Journal of cultural-linguistic and artistic studies, 5

GROBERT J., MASSA C. (2019). Quand le logo olfactif reflète les valeurs de la marque, application dans le secteur des services.. Décisions Marketing, 93 [CNRS cat.3, FNEGE cat.3, HCERES cat.B]

CHEHBI GAMOURA S., DERROUICHE R., DAMAND D., KUCHARAVY D., BARTH M. (2019). Cross-management of risks in big data-driven industries by the use of fuzzy cognitive maps. Logistique & Management, 28 (n° 2) [FNEGE cat.2, HCERES cat.C]