Behavioral Finance

Knowing how to decipher investors’ behavior and the consequences, based on a scientific approach


Important Dates

  1. History :

    The Behavioral Finance Chair was created in 2012 by the signing of a three-year contract with CCR Asset Management (a subsidiary of UBS Asset Management) and in 2017 notably benefited for 18 months from financing from the Observatoire de l'Epargne Européenne (OEE).

Recent Professional Conferences

  1. September 2018 :

    MiFID questionnaires and financial advice practices, Amundi, OEE, Paris

  2. September 2018 :

    Leadership Lounge Series, Behavioral Finance, Executive Education, University of Adelaide

  3. October 2017 :

    AMF Scientific Advisory Board, MiFID questionnaires answers: stock market participation, appetite for information and investor's sentiment

  4. April 2017 :

    Center for Financial Professions, Behavioral Finance, and Financial Advice, Strasbourg

  5. June 2016 :

    AMF Scientific Advisory Board, Automated advice: a look at behavioral finance, Paris

  6. May 2015 :

    Women in ETFs: Introduction to Behavioral Finance, Paris 

  7. April 2015 :

    Danske Bank-Ossiam: Behavioral Finance and Portfolio Management, Helsinki 


Patrick ROGER

Head of the Behaviorial Finance Chair



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