Entrepreneurship Specialization

PGE specializations: for one full year, you develop your knowledge in the field of expertise of your choice.

La spécialisation en détails

In a Nutshell

  • Entry requirement

    Upon selection

  • Degree awarded

    Master's degree

  • Language

    French and English

  • Format

    Co-op / Full time

  • Duration

    1 year


As entrepreneurship continues to grow, competition continues to intensify and the qualities required are increasingly varied. In order to meet the needs of the market, we have chosen to structure this specialization around two major areas: the creation/takeover of a company and the strategic development of an organization. Teaching is based on the concepts of lean start-up and design thinking to provide you with the tools necessary for your project to succeed through innovative teaching methods. 

Objectives of the Specialization

  • Gain technical management skills adapted to the needs of SMEs (business creation and takeover, innovation, internationalization, and cooperation).
  • Write, present, implement, and modify a complete business plan for a business creation project with marketing, financial, legal, and strategic elements.
  • Develop your critical analysis thanks to summary lessons.
  • Be aware of the importance of entrepreneurial know-how in business.

Strengths of the Specialization

Co-operative education to acquire real professional experience

A wide variety of lecturers: research lecturers and experienced professionals

Teaching geared toward both setting up and taking over a company

Teaching methods based on lean start-up and design thinking

Skills Developed

Hard Skills

Creating a business plan

Knowledge of fiscal and legal procedures related to entrepreneurship

Carrying out market research

Managing a design thinking and lean start-up approach

Knowledge of fiscal and legal procedures related to entrepreneurship

Applying concepts and using tools for the internationalization of an entrepreneurial project

Soft Skills


Collective intelligence via Team Academy

Pitching entrepreneurial projects

Risk analysis and management

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EM Strasbourg Business School, 61 avenue de la forêt-noire
EM Strasbourg Business School, 61 avenue de la forêt-noire


Martha Andrade Diaz

Gestionnaire de scolarité



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