Marketing (Marketing and Event Management) Dual Degree Specialization

Specializing in Programme Grande Ecole. For a full year, you develop your knowledge in the field of expertise of your choice.

La spécialisation en détails

Our Program

  • Entry requirement

    On selection

  • Degree awarded

    Masters's degree

  • Language

    French and English

  • Format

    Co-op Program

  • Duration

    1 year


Events are communication tools in their own right. Event design is no longer an end in itself and it is essential to integrate it into a company's strategic vision. As part of this specialization, we offer you dual expertise in marketing (analytical, strategic, operational, and international) and event management (from its design, to its management, and then to its evaluation) in order to meet the needs of this evolving market.


Associate Professor

Objectives of the Specialization

  • Identify the strengths and weaknesses of the company in which you operate (internal analysis) as well as the opportunities and threats of its environment (external analysis).
  • Design a marketing mix consistent with its resources.
  • Develop an event-driven communications strategy.
  • Manage an event from conception to evaluation.
  • Master the different stages of the marketing plan.

Strengths of the Specialization

Real dual expertise in marketing and event management.

Digital marketing courses.

Workshops on real business case studies.

An educational team bringing together academic experts and experienced professionals.

This specialization is part of our dual degree offer. At the end of their studies, our students are awarded a master's degree from the University in addition to their master’s degree from Programme Grande Ecole.

Co-operative education to acquire real professional experience.

Skills Developed

Hard Skills

Mastering marketing plans

Project management

Designing and managing an event

Budget management

Soft Skills



Rigor and sense of organization

Team spirit


Ability to judge and solve complex problems

Customer service

Discover the Marketing and Event Management Dual Degree Specialization

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EM Strasbourg Business School, 61 avenue de la forêt-noire
EM Strasbourg Business School, 61 avenue de la forêt-noire


Boris Bleriot

Gestionnaire de scolarité

+33 (0)3 68 85 86 81


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