Marketing Specialization

Specializing in Programme Grande Ecole. For a full year, you develop your knowledge in the field of expertise of your choice.

La spécialisation en détails

Our Programm

  • Entry requirement

    On selection

  • Degree awarded

    Masters's Degree

  • Language

    French et English

  • Pace

    Alternance / formation initiale

  • Duration

    1 an


In a constantly changing environment, we want to train open and responsible managers, capable of understanding the challenges facing companies. Thanks to an academic approach to offline and online marketing, this co-op specialization delivers operational and strategic knowledge. As a result, you will master the various parts of a marketing plan and be able to propose a real vision aligned with a company's objectives. 



Objectives of the Specialization

  • Master the knowledge, tools, and practices of marketing.
  • Design a strategy and marketing mix adapted to the environment and a company's objectives.
  • Acquire the tools to analyze market data and consumer behavior.
  • Manage the execution, monitoring, control, and return on investment of a marketing plan.
  • Develop your critical thinking skills regarding consumer issues.

Strenghts of the Specialization

Co-operative education to acquire real professional experience

A wide variety of lecturers: research lecturers and professionals working in French and international contexts

Courses in English and French

Pedagogical support for various marketing competitions / certifications

A methodology based on learning by doing

Skills developed

Hard skills

Designing and implementing marketing strategies

Designing and implementing marketing research

Collecte, analyse et interprétation de données et indicateurs marketing

Mastering the digital environment

Marketing project management

Creating and managing branded content

Sales negotiation

Soft skills

Customer service

Critical analysis

Ability to judge and solve complex problems

Emotional intelligence and adaptability

Creativity and initiative

Leadership and social influence

Prise de décision (évaluation des risques et gestion des ressources)

Independence at work and time management

Ability to give reports and make recommendations

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EM Strasbourg Business School, 61 avenue de la forêt-noire
EM Strasbourg Business School, 61 avenue de la forêt-noire


Philippe Huynh

Gestionnaire de scolarité


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