Programme Grande École

With the PGE combined bachelor’s and master’s degree program, think big and dream big through personal and professional development, academic excellence, and international immersion.


You have the option of joining the program right after high school or after two or three years of higher education.


Our Philosophy

By choosing our PGE combined bachelor’s and master’s degree program, you’re choosing the best school in the world to help you make your mark. Our approach? We give you the keys to get to know yourself better, develop your talents, and become a responsible leader thanks to our EMpowerment philosophy. With the PGE program, think big, dream big.


The EMpowerment Philosophy

To support you throughout your studies, we apply the entrepreneurial approach, step by step. You'll follow these steps with the help of alumni/student mentoring and group work. By joining us, you develop your skills, your knowledge, and above all your self-confidence to become responsible leaders, aware of the impact you can have on the world.


The Steps 


Mentoring: A Key to Success

Throughout your program, we offer a unique mentoring program with three types of mentors:

  • fellow students,
  • alumni,
  • and faculty.


This mentoring is complemented by our Cap Career Office through their individual coaching and group seminars.




Exceptional Partnerships

Being the only business school in France to be part of a leading university gives us a number of advantages:

  • Elective courses taught by professors from other faculties, schools, and institutes of the University 
  • Hybridization of skills in a variety of fields
  • A wide range of dual degrees
  • Joint projects with students from other Strasbourg schools to experience the multidisciplinary reality of companies


Sciences Po Strasbourg Dual Degree

Do year 4 of the program at Sciences Po and choose between two study tracks: Economics & Finance or International Relations & Global Studies. Widen your area of knowledge and career opportunities. You'll earn a diploma from Sciences Po Strasbourg, in addition to the PGE diploma. 

Science Po



Membership in the Alsace Tech Network

Since 2007, EM Strasbourg has been part of a network of 14 leading engineering, architecture, art, design, and business schools in Alsace, which educate over 10,000 students. This regional network provides students from grande écoles in Alsace with opportunities to meet the challenges facing society, business, and the region through interdisciplinary collaboration.

Alsace tech




Impact Projects

Each year of the program is built around a positive impact project designed to develop your knowledge and skills and above all to enable you to lead a collective project in order to overcome challenges through impactful management.

Each project will focus on a different theme that responds to societal and organizational challenges

  • Year 1 - Social and solidarity economy
  • Year 2 - Innovation and sustainable development
  • Year 3 - Multiculturalism and international management
  • Year 4 - Business game and CSR
  • Year 5 - Business expertise around a multidisciplinary hackathon

European Mindset

Our PGE program produces leaders with a European mindset, which is explored through five different lenses:

  • The fundamental values of Europe: democracy, human rights, freedom, solidarity, respect for minorities, etc.
  • The social market economy and economic regulation: employee protection, standards, etc.
  • Diversity and valuing individual uniqueness
  • Multilingualism, interculturality, and pluralism
  • Adaptability and co-creation in response to major socio-economic challenges

Their Experience

"EM Strasbourg allows us to envision a career path that is adapted to our individual desires and aspirations. I chose the Marketing & Customer Relations major. I also got involved in the Sports Association and the Ecricome Team Challenge. Classes and community life allow me to combine my passion...

Clément Maurin

"Programme Grande École at EM Strasbourg was a natural choice. Going abroad for a whole year was really a great opportunity for me. I was also attracted by the community life at EM; it was the richest and most memorable experience of my years at the School."

Nina Wion

"I chose to participate in various associations. I started with Europe Études, the Junior Enterprise, then became president of the Team Challenge, and finally was appointed to head a section of the Sports Association. This allowed me to combine my experience with my passion. I also chose to major in...

Alexandre Gueguen

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