EM Strasbourg Scholarships

Created in 2014, EM Strasbourg’s Scholarships & Social Programs Office aims to support and help our students in their search for funding during their studies.

EM Strasbourg Scholarships - EM Strasbourg

Aid Adapted to Your Situation


Mobility Aids—Academic:

Mobility Aids—Internships:

Excellence Scholarships:

  • Jacques Lambert Scholarship: Each year, three first-year students in our PGE benefit from a €2,500 scholarship awarded by the Jacques Lambert Foundation.
  • The Eiffel Scholarship: Intended for our future international students in the Master's Program, this scholarship allows us to finance their program of study.



Scholarship Students and Tuition Fees

Students who obtain their CROUS scholarship status late (after administrative registration) may request reimbursement of their tuition fees: €243 for students in the PGE and Master’s Program and €170 for students in the Bachelor’s Program.


Solutions for Paying Your Tuition
Our students have the choice of annual, quarterly, or monthly payments. Because hard times should not put an end to your studies, the Scholarships & Social Programs Office can offer you a schedule adapted to your situation in case of financial difficulties. Files are reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

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