EM Strasbourg Scholarships

The Student Support Office helps you find scholarships suited to your situation.

EM Strasbourg Scholarships - EM Strasbourg

Aid Adapted to Your Situation


Study mobility aid:

  • Grand Est Region scholarship
  • UNISTRA and AMI (CROUS) scholarship
  • ERASMUS scholarship: For more information, email the School's International Relations Office: sri-outgoing@em-strasbourg.eu
  • ESCALE scholarship: This financial aid is reserved for EM Strasbourg students in full-time study (excluding co-op) and continuing education (excluding co-op) who plan on going abroad.

Internship mobility aid:

Excellence scholarships:



Scholarship Students and Tuition

Students who obtain their CROUS scholarship status late (after enrollment) may request reimbursement of their tuition: €243 for students in the PGE and Master’s Program and €170 for students in the Bachelor of International Business.


Dounia El Menzli

Administration Officer for Social Programs

  • action-sociale@em-strasbourg.eu
  • 03 68 85 80 21

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