Tutoring for Equal Opportunity

Our desire is to disseminate knowledge to the greatest number of individuals, to encourage debate and the sharing of experiences, and to enable each person to freely choose his or her future in an environment where there is empathy for all and an elevated sense of managerial and personal responsibility. 

Tutoring for Equal Opportunity - EM Strasbourg

Tutoring Arrangements for Equal Opportunity

EM Strasbourg actively participates in revealing the traits and personality of each person, in liberating thought by offering opportunities to work in different cultural environments and by promoting the acceptance of others regardless of their background, gender, and differences. 

In order to put these values into practice, we offer our students the opportunity to join one of the following programs:



In partnership with the Fédéeh (Student Federation for Working and Studying with a Disability), PHARES tutoring gives our students the opportunity to help high school students with disabilities to pursue and succeed in higher education. The sessions take the form of fun workshops and outings, allowing tutees to develop transferable skills.


2 • Mentoring for Excellence

 As part of the national program Cordées de la réussite (Roped Together for Success), Mentoring for Excellence aims to promote equal opportunity. It is intended for high school and preparatory class students. The program includes meetings between students, high school students, and alumni. Seminars and workshops are also organized.

Several activities are offered by EM Strasbourg’s student mentors:

  • Workshops and seminars on topics such as sustainable development (with the Three Values Association) and entrepreneurship (with La Ruche à Projets)
  • Meetings between preparatory class students, EM students, and alumni to bridge the gap between life before, during, and after the School
  • Cultural and recreational outings


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