Eating on campus

Thanks to your student card, you will be able to take advantage of the many university dining halls and cafeterias throughout the city. They offer a wide range of food at unbeatable prices and a cuisine based on fresh produce and prepared on-site.

Eating on campus - EM Strasbourg

Dining Halls 


  • Enjoy the traditional three-course meal for less than €5. 

Means of Payment 

  • Payment is made exclusively with the student card, equipped with the Izly electronic payment system.




  • Purchase exactly what you want, according to your budget.

Means of Payment 

  • Payment can be made with the student card, cash, or card depending on the location.


Take-Out Counters 


  • Order sandwiches, salads, pasta, or wraps to eat in or take out. 

Means of Payment 

  • Payment can be made with the campus pass or in cash depending on the location.



Your Means of Payment: The Pass Campus

You can pay for your meals on campus using your Pass Campus, or student card, issued by the University.

To do so, you must load money onto your Izly account online.

Load money onto your Izly account 



Top Restaurant Tips: The Strassbuch

The Strassbuch is the guide for top restaurant tips in Strasbourg managed by the EM Strasbourg Press Association. Discover the latest culinary news on their website. 
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