The Be Distinctive Spirit

Be distinctive. Stand out. We don’t just support the idea of being different; we support the idea of knowing how to make a difference by being ourselves. EM Strasbourg Business School is committed to developing, revealing, and amplifying the talents and potential of each of our students.

The Be Distinctive Spirit - EM Strasbourg

EM Strasbourg does not brainwash. EM Strasbourg values individual uniqueness.

We want to create opportunities for all our students, to support them in the full expression of themselves. Our School actively takes part in revealing and amplifying what makes each student unique. Do you have passion and a strong personality? At EM Strasbourg, you will find the ideal environment for your talents to flourish.     


If you're looking for yourself, 
there’s a good chance you’ll find yourself,
especially with us.


Be Distinctive, Discover Our Ambassadors

"After graduating, I worked for the brand Lancôme in airports and wrote articles for airline magazines. I had always been attracted by the aviation sector. When I was younger, I dreamed of being a flight attendant and decided to take an hour's flying lesson. After 60 minutes over the Vosges, I had f...

Elise Gramfort
Elise Gramfort, graduate and Lufthansa airline pilot

"I've been doing Thai boxing since the age of 13. I've been French champion several times (junior, C, B, and A classes) and also K1 (Kick Boxing) champion. After that, I won European and world titles. I have reached a high (professional) level because my schedule allows me to do so. In post-secondar...

Bilal Chareuf
Bilal Chareuf, student and Thai boxing champion

"EM Strasbourg intrigued me with the format of their interviews during the oral entrance exams. On the big day, I brought my diabolo equipment, photos of my act, and my promotional video. I got 20/20. I was accepted by other schools, sometimes better ranked than EM Strasbourg, but the School here pu...

Jérôme Coquelle
Jérôme Coquelle, graduate and diabolo champion

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