Vision and Mission

EM Strasbourg Business School is committed to developing competent, responsible, and agile managers.

Vision and Mission - EM Strasbourg

Our Vision

To become the leading business school in the Upper Rhine Valley that empowers individuals and organizations from all walks of life to value their uniqueness and thrive beyond borders.



Our Mission 

Located in the heart of Europe and in the capital of humanism, EM Strasbourg Business School educates responsible, agile managers and leaders with a European mindset, ready to tackle organizational challenges through an impact-driven management style.

At EM Strasbourg Business School, the only Grande Ecole de Management in France to be part of an internationally recognized university, we produce impact-driven academic research to support the transformation of organizations in our ecosystem

By wanting to be like others,
you become a person like any other.


Our Commitments to Our Vision


Hybridization of Skills

We are convinced that the knowledge of some feeds the knowledge of others. So at EM Strasbourg, we promote the hybridization of skills thanks to different partnerships and the organization of events with other grandes écoles such as ENA or the members of the Alsace Tech network.

This can also be seen in our teaching through educational innovations such as the implementation of cross-disciplinary case studies for our students in Programme Grande École. Discover EntoMovoria, the 2019 case study on a topical issue: feeding the world. 

We also encourage our students to pursue their ideas. It was in this spirit that our entrepreneurial center, La Ruche à Projets, was created. This is the hothouse of ideas for entrepreneurial projects at EM Strasbourg, a service that supports students in their business creation project.



At our School, our students are trained to become managers with all the knowledge and skills necessary to carry out their job. Transdisciplinarity is essential for us. In 2018, a research group focused on the topic “Behavior and Decision-Making” was created. Its goal? To bring together interdisciplinary research (management, finance, behavioral economics, cognitive psychology, and neurosciences) around the questions raised by the decision-making of economic stakeholders in various managerial contexts. Similarly, the Observatory of the Future is an initiative which, as its founder Jean-Philippe Bootz states, aims "to bring together practitioners, lecturers, companies, and institutional stakeholders around prospective reflections."

Our seven corporate chairs promote transdisciplinarity by carrying out a large number of research projects in different business sectors. 

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