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Bachelor in International Business

A three-year undergraduate programme that trains students to become responsible managers, specifically in the area of international business.

Recruitment level: undergraduate
Type of diploma: bachelor

Study period : 1 or 2 semesters (from Semptember to April) and optional internship (from April to September)
Next session  : sept. 2019


- Focus on students’ professional development:
  • Project management in Small and Medium Enterprises – an in-depth case study of SMEs worldwide;
  • Development of social and interpersonal skills;
  • Corporate exposure - a 3 month internship.
- Promote the international mobility;
- Develop the entrepreneurial and innovative spirit to contribute to business development.


Dual degree programme:
Simple exchange agreements:
Prospective students
Dual degree students nominated by the above listed partner university.
Selection and application procedures
Students are selected by the EM Strasbourg Business School and the partner university based on specific criteria mentioned in our cooperation agreement (e.g. transcripts of the first two years of higher education, English language level, etc.).
All tuition fees must be paid to the home university. Non-EU residents must pay the mandatory French social security fee of 217 Euro (except for the residents of Quebec).
Students submit an on-line application form to EM Strasbourg Business School according to the procedure communicated to the partner university.
Further study
Master programs
International Relations Office
Téléphone : 03 68 85 67 76
Email : sri-incoming@em-strasbourg.eu

Date of update August 21, 2018

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Examples of courses
  • Language and Culture
  • Developing Personal and Professional Skills
  • Intercultural Management
  • Corporate Processes
  • Sales in international context
  • Tools and Finance
  • Communication Process and Labour law
  • Business simulation
  • Entrepreneurship motivation

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