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EM Strasbourg Business School was founded in 2007 following the merger of the Institut Européen d’Etudes Commerciales Supérieures (IECS), a Grande Ecole founded in 1919, and the IAE (business administration institutes), founded in 1956. The School has since been a member of the French networks Conférence des Grandes Ecoles (CGE) and Réseau des IAE. As the only business school to be part of both networks, EM Strasbourg is truly one of a kind.

Key dates

  • Renewal of the Qualicert Certification (3 years)

  • HCERES accreditation for research centers & programs (5 years)
  • EPAS re-accreditation (5 years)

  • Renewal of the Diversity Label (4 years)
  • Renewal of the Qualicert Certification (3 years)

  • EM Strasbourg Business School obtains AACSB accreditation for a five-year period

  • Opening of the Business Incubator, La Ruche à projets

  • Awarded the Diversity Label by AFNOR Certification
  • EPAS re-accreditation of the Programme Grande Ecole for a five-year period 

  • Qualicert Certification obtained and involvement in The Principles for Responsible Education

  • Awarded the Marianne prize for diversity in recognition of EM Strasbourg Business School's work on diversity
  • EPAS accreditation for our Programme Grande Ecole 
  • Merger of three Strasbourg based universities within the University of Strasbourg

  • EM Strasbourg Business School adheres to UN's Global Compact Chart

  • EM Strasbourg Business School is set up following the merger of two Strasbourg based schools of business, IESC and IAE.

Date of update February 24, 2020

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