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EM Strasbourg Business School
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EM Strasbourg Business School, operating within the University of Strasbourg, is the only French business school to be part of a multidisciplinary university.

The structure by which EM Strasbourg Business School operates allows us to benefit from all the advantages of an independent business school and at the same time benefit from the academic credentials and expertise of a multidisciplinary university. Moreover, we nurture our many partnership links with local actors such as the Chamber of Commerce, local authorities and companies that are actively contributing to the school’s development, not to mention our 18,000 graduates.

EM Strasbourg Business School aims to train managers to make accountable decisions by considering their impact in the context of both their professional and personal lives. We guarantee that each graduate masters a broad range of both general and specialised knowledge and know-how. Our areas of specialisation allow students to acquire the sector-specific expertise essential to the smooth running of their future companies or employers while expanding their career prospects by becoming experts in a particular region of the world.

Commitment to excellence

In accordance with the aims of the University of Strasbourg, EM Strasbourg has a policy of quality assurance and ongoing development that allows us to consistently provide educational and research programmes in management that meet or exceed international standards of excellence.

We train business leaders, managers and highly qualified management specialists to adapt to complex environments. In all of our programmes, the school imparts the values of sustainability, ethics and diversity to each student in order to prepare them to help develop the economic institutions of tomorrow.

Furthermore, we are committed to creating and disseminating new knowledge in the field of management science.

Date of update October 3, 2018

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Key dates
2017: HCERES accreditation for research centres & programmes (5 years) and EPAS re-accreditation (5 years)
2016: Renewal of the Label Diversité (4 years), renewal of the Qualicert Certification (3 years) and Opening of Brussels and Mexico City offices
2015: EM Strasbourg Business School obtains the AACSB accreditation for a five-year period
2013: Opening of the Business Incubator, La Ruche à projets
2012: Awarded the Diversity Label by AFNOR Certification, EPAS (EFMD) re-accreditation of the Grande École Programme for a five-year period
2011: Opening of our China and Paris office
2010: Qualicert Certification obtained and involvement for The Principles for Responsible Education
2009: Awarded the Marianne prize for diversity in recognition of EM Strasbourg Business School's work on diversity, EPAS (EFMD) accreditation for our Grande École Programme and merger of three Strasbourg based universities within the University of Strasbourg
2008: EM Strasbourg Business School adheres to UN's Global Compact Chart
2007: EM Strasbourg Business School is set up following the merger of two Strasbourg based schools of business, IESC and IAE.