FM Logistic

Logistics platforms: optimizing, the core asset. Two key factors determine the competitiveness of a logistics platform: the rigor of its design and the control over its internal flows.


Important Dates

  1. July 2017 :

    Renewal of agreement  with FM Logistic

  2. November 2011 :

    Creation of the Chair

Research Work

  1. September 2016 :

    Development of a solution contradiction network, based on a technological forecasting model, to identify the key parameters for long-term decision-making (dissertation by Dmitry Kucharavy)

  2. September 2015 :

    Development of a reference model, based on an ISO-GAM model, to evaluate the platform's activities (dissertation by Jeanne Bessouat)

  3. September 2012 - June 2016 :

    Development of a reference model, based on a problem-solution model, to represent the acquired knowledge network on problems and solutions



Head of the FM Logisitic Chair



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