Knowledge Management and Foresight

The Chair aims to produce cross-reflection between researchers and practitioners on issues of knowledge creation, sharing, and codification from a perspective of supporting innovation.



  1. September 2013 :

    Creation of the Chair

  2. 2016-2018 :

    Working group: creation of a community of practice around the "human factor in the industry of the future" in collaboration with the CCI Alsace: "The human factor in the factory of the future”

  3. 2016 :

    Working group: identification and analysis of communities of practice within EIFER (EDF R&D, KIT: Karlsruhe Institute of Technology)


  1. November 2019 :

    "Mentoring in service of transformations" by C. Thibaux

  2. April 2019 :

    "Holacracy, a new management practice" by M. Gode

  3. February 2017 :

    Organization of the Knowledge Management Chair keynote conference, "Foresight, but what happens to us?” by Marc Halevy 

  4. October 2015 :

    Organization of a reverse conference on social innovation within the scope of the Knowledge Management Chair

  5. April 2015 :

    Organization of the Knowledge Management Chair keynote conference, "How to manage knowledge through communities of practice? Inventory of practices and issues."


Jean-Philippe BOOTZ

In charge of the Knowledge Management and Foresight Chair



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