Master of European Management Studies

In a Nutshell

  • Entry requirement

    Bachelor (3rd year)

  • Degree awarded

    Master’s degree

  • Language

    French , English and German

  • Format

    Full Time + Co-op

  • Duration

    2 years


Training skilled men and women to be aware of cultural diversity and able to provide innovative responses to current managerial challenges—this is the objective of our Franco-German program. Combining full-time study in the first year and co-op training in the second year, this master's degree provides you with the tools you need to integrate and apply the specifics of intercultural management. 


Program Director at ESB Business School


Program Director at EM Strasbourg Business School

Objectives of the Program

  • Identify and analyze specific management issues related to a Franco-German / international economic context
  • Design solutions to solve the issues identified and apply the appropriate tools in different areas of management
  • Be able to develop, implement, and manage projects in a Franco-German / intercultural environment
  • Identify and understand the codes of Franco-German / international communication (language, nonverbal communication, culture, etc.) and be able to adapt effectively
  • Develop your oral and written communication in three working languages (French, German, and English)

Strengths of the Program

A mix between full-time study (first year) and co-op training (second year)

A dual degree: degrees awarded by ESB Business School and EM Strasbourg Business School

An international experience: first year at ESB Business School in Germany

A renowned program: top master’s program in the MOCI ranking (2021, 2020, 2017, and 2015)

Skills Developed

Hard Skills

Project management

HR management

Accounting and finance

Soft Skills

Intercultural communication

Team spirit


Analytical thinking

Job Prospects

Human resources manager


Import-export manager


Logistics manager


Franco-German / international consultant


Strategy leader


Their experience

“With this program of study, employment opportunities are doubled: once we graduate, we can work in Germany and France. We are not only trained to work internationally but are truly specialized and valued in Franco-German markets.”

Marc Koulmann

"I was attracted by this program that results in degrees in two countries: France and Germany. Its main asset, however, remains the time spent in companies on both sides of the Rhine. And then, the fact that, during the courses, you are in contact with French and German students also brings a lot!"&...

Jonathan Sipkin

"After my Bachelor of International Business, I entered the Franco-German Master of European Management Studies. The courses and group work allowed me to gain in-depth management skills, enriched by a real mastery of languages (French, German, English). After completing a co-op placement in change m...

Christophe Le Coz

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EM Strasbourg Business School, 61 avenue de la forêt-noire
EM Strasbourg Business School, 61 avenue de la forêt-noire

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