Our Support Pathway

Our mission is to support you at every stage of your entrepreneurial project. La Ruche à Projets offers you individual or collective coaching, adapted to your project.

Our Support Pathway - EM Strasbourg

Individual Coaching

Individual coaching sessions are organized throughout the pathway. 

The goals are defined at the beginning, between the team members and the coach who will be able to step in during the different phases of development, conceptualization, and marketing.


Group Coaching

Group sessions based on the Team Academy model are set up.


"The community at the heart of project development, the entrepreneur at the heart of the community.”


The objective is to pool each project leader’s learning for the benefit of the community; the student then moves from being a learner to being a teacher. 
Team or community work is also one of the key factors in this support pathway. The project leader must compare his or her ideas with those of the community in order to make progress and forestall possible obstacles. The group sessions allow students to present their progress, success, and mistakes, as well to share their doubts and questions. 


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