Art Association

The Arts Association encourages the School's students to engage in various cultural and artistic activities. Its objective is to foster and promote various forms of expression adapted to the desires of each student.

Art Association - EM Strasbourg



To promote art in all its forms.


Who is it for?

Programme Grande École (PGE) students.



The BDA encourages the School's students to take part in a variety of cultural activities at an unbeatable price. Its objective is to maintain the plurality of artistic expression according to everyone’s wishes. Unusual and daring proposals are welcome and freedom of expression is widely encouraged. The various and varied evening events organized allow students to develop their event planning skills in a stimulating environment. 


Events organized


  • Talent ShowSinging, dancing, theater, etc.—for one evening, the spotlight shines on the performers hiding among EM Strasbourg students.
  • Art’ungDuring this week devoted exclusively to art, those with a soft spot for poetry will be lured by concerts, shows, and cultural exhibitions.
  • Fashion weekSince its inception, Fashion Week has brought fashion to everyone’s attention. Four years later, the goal has not changed much.
  • Arts Trophy: Each year, the Arts Trophy brings together artists from different business schools in France for a major artistic challenge. It’s a new opportunity to showcase your talents in a friendly environment!
  • Various workshops Graphic arts, cinema, short films, dance, writing, gastronomy, fashion, music, wine tourism, traditional theater, and improv theatre.



 "Whether you're a die-hard artist or a hoarse-voiced singer, the BDA is for you."


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