Sports Association

The Sports Association encourages students to continue their sports on campus and at tournaments.

Sports Association - EM Strasbourg



To help students integrate sports activity into their studies.


Who is it for?

Programme Grande École (PGE) students.


The BDS encourages the playing of many sports on campus while taking part in major national events such as the Grande École World Challenge and the TIGRES (Strasbourg Inter-Grande École Tournament). The association emphasizes group cohesion and team spirit. These are values that apply both in competition and in professional life. 

Competitions, Tournaments, and Trips 


  • TIGRES (Strasbourg Inter-Grande École Tournament)
  • WESKI (Skiing Weekend), organized in partnership with the BDE
  • Grande École World Challenge
  • ECRICOME Challenge 
  • A sporting competition between the four member schools of the ECRICOME entrance exam system
  • Coupe de France des ESC 
  • A French competition for business school teams
  • 4L Trophy
  • GEM Swimming Cup



"Whether you want to follow in the footsteps of your idol Mbappé or simply dream of going the extra mile, join the BDS.”  


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