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Vision & Be Distinctive

The vision of the School is to empower individuals and organizations alike to reveal their unique strengths and characteristics.

The vision is supported by the School’s slogan: Be Distinctive. Resolutely oriented toward students and organizations, this slogan clearly reflects our work. EM Strasbourg Business School is indeed committed to developing, revealing, and accentuating the talents and potential of everyone.

The Be Distinctive concept is based on a charter bearing the same name and broken down into seven commitments:
  1. Be Distinctive . . . by being curious. Cultivate curiosity in all its forms, whether it be in actions, content, or spirit. Connect our messages to the testimonials, stories, and experiences of everyone, from here or elsewhere.
  2. Be Distinctive . . . by breaking free from the norm. Illustrate our commitment to valuing individual uniqueness and thought. Demonstrate the positive effects that come with being yourself and thinking critically.
  3. Be Distinctive . . . by being European. Establish our strategic local position in the heart of Europe while defending the values associated with being a European citizen: respect for human dignity, freedom, democracy, equality, human rights, etc.
  4. Be Distinctive . . . by being free. (Re)Affirm freedom of thought, refuse assertion, and reject prejudice. Demonstrate that the students at EM Strasbourg Business School honor their individual thoughts and uniqueness.
  5. Be Distinctive . . . and humanist. Bring forth our desire to cross knowledge and disciplines and remind ourselves that humanism is a founding value of the university from which we come.
  6. Be Distinctive . . . by drawing inspiration from differences. Acknowledge and illustrate the richness that diversity represents. Enriching ourselves with the differences, cultures, and experiences of others is a true state of mind.
  7. Be Distinctive . . . by being open to the world. State with conviction that openness to the world has been part of EM Strasbourg's DNA from the very start. And this is true in all of its actions: education, partnerships, research, etc.

Date of update February 24, 2020

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