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Mission & Values

EM Strasbourg’s identity is greatly marked by what characterizes Rhenish capitalism—namely innovation, adaptability, and involvement of all stakeholders in the development of companies—along with a strong attachment to the region.

These values inspired the entrepreneurs who founded the School, in the form of a training institute with a professional and academic vocation, one century ago.


Our Mission Statement

EM Strasbourg strives to educate competent, responsible, and agile managers to become global citizens, ready to find their place in society and able to develop a performance-driven management style.

At EM Strasbourg Business School, the only Grande École de Management in France that is part of an internationally recognized university, we aim to produce high impact intellectual contributions based on academic research relevant for 21st century organizations.


Our Values

Social responsibility is at the heart of EM Strasbourg’s mission. The organization’s operations are guided by three essential values: diversity, sustainable development, and ethics. These values can be found at all levels of the organization. They are applied within the School for students, staff, and all stakeholders and shine through research, teaching activities, and the strong links that EM Strasbourg maintains with the economic community.


Companies adopting ethical practices nowadays have a constructive impact on society and send a positive message that boosts customer loyalty. These practices are a token of the trust that can be placed in organizations not only by customers but also by employees who, as a result, evolve in a healthy work environment. In such a context, employees are encouraged to resist pressure tactics and conflicts of interest. Ethics are the key to combining well-being and productivity.

Sustainable Development

At this point in time, it is in the best interests of companies to be aware of the impact they have on the environment and society. To optimize their performance and strengthen their competitiveness, they must find a way to develop sustainably based on three pillars: economic efficiency, social equity, and environmental quality. Mangers who follow suit and master the subject constitute a real added value in companies.


Immense potential resides in what makes everyone unique. This is what EM Strasbourg highlights through its research, teaching, and partnerships with the business world. The School promotes equal opportunity and encourages its 3,600 students to showcase their uniqueness in order to foster their personal development. These managers of tomorrow are therefore aware of the richness diversity has to offer, which they will be able to put to good use in their future career.

Date of update February 24, 2020

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