Do you want to conduct an exploratory study useful for your development: penetrating new markets, identifying export opportunities, optimizing your sourcing, building your benchmark, for example? We offer you the chance to take part in Prospect'Act, an initiative that allows you to work with a team of students from our Programme Grande École who will carry out your study free of charge. 

Prospect'Act - EM Strasbourg

A Win-Win Partnership


Prospect'Act is a real link between your company and our students. The aim of our initiative is to support you in your development as well as in your approach to training future employees. By integrating our students into your strategic thinking, you allow them to gain real experience while you discover quality candidates that can meet the needs of your organization. 

Thanks to the internationalization of our School, we will be able to put you in touch with English- and German-speaking groups who will be able to support you with your international projects.



A Real Educational Tool


Prospect'Act is a proper educational tool to train our students and confront them with the reality of the business world in which they will be working. This additional training adds to the knowledge acquired during their academic training, while allowing them to work in groups. Our approach allows us to professionalize their reasoning and take into account a market's constraints.  



Prospect'Act in Practice


Defining the Mission
During the first semester, the head of degree defines the proposed mission’s specifications together with your company. Our students are divided into teams of four to six.
Each group must carry out an operational study for one of our partner companies, addressing a business development project (diversification, range enrichment, export, sourcing, benchmarking, etc.).

Monitoring Progress
Our students meet with a representative from your company at least three times: 

  • In the first semester: Getting acquainted with the specifications 
  • Halfway through: Checking the mission's progress 
  • At the end of the mission: Presenting the study and results

A lecturer from our School is in charge of monitoring the teams, guiding them in their research, and supporting them in their approach to the problem provided by the company. 
At the end of the three months of the second semester, each team must submit an exploratory study resulting from resource gathering and best practices. Everyone taking part is then jointly evaluated by the lecturer and the company.

The Prospect'Act mission can be extended by offering an internship to a student from the group.



Partners Involved in Prospect'Act


Actinvision - Alsace Service - ARC Innovation - Association Café Contact - Coeur sur toi - Bas-Rhin Departmental Committee - Comsoft Technologies inc - CPAM du Bas-Rhin - Cuisine Aventure - Fox Travel - Gaggenau Industry - Indoor SCIC - Jardiservice SRL - Ligue Athlétisme Région Grand-Est - Monoprix - Paul Hartmann - SaarLB Franco-German Center - Schiller Medical - Securitas - Singer Immobilier  - Tech 3D - Ya'tout-Homemade cheese 



Would You Like to Take Part in Prospect’Act?


You can now submit a mission for the 2023/24 academic year via the registration form.
Deadline for registration: November 2023

A Team That Can Support You and Answer Your Questions 


Do you need more information about Prospect'Act? Our team is at your disposal to answer your questions: 



Prospect'Act Project Manager


Marina Masselin

Executive Education and Prospect’Act Assistant




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