Partnership Offer

EM Strasbourg Business School's international network includes 240 partner universities in more than 50 countries, enabling us to maintain and develop our distinctive policy of academic exchange.

Partnership Offer - EM Strasbourg

Simple Exchanges: Erasmus and Beyond

With more than 30 years of experience, we have become experts in organizing student exchanges, which vary in length from one semester to one year. The students we welcome can choose from a selection of courses, given in French or English, covering the various fields of management.

At the same time, we also offer them the opportunity to take a French course (beginner to upper-intermediate level) so that they can develop their language skills. A full "integration semester" is organized for undergraduate students who wish to integrate locally and follow a defined course plan.


Dual Degree Exchange Programs

EM Strasbourg currently has 18 dual degree agreements (at the bachelor’s and master's level) with selected partners. Graduates of these selective programs will obtain two degrees at the end of the program: one from EM Strasbourg and one from their home university. This is a significant advantage that recruiters particularly appreciate. 

We also offer a complementary undergraduate degree to exchange students who have already completed two years of study in the field of management. 

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Summer School Every Year

Each year we organize two sessions of the International Summer School program, each lasting four weeks.

During this exchange, students can take European business courses while improving their French language skills. A number of courses are given by visiting professors from our international partners who contribute to the program’s enrichment. In addition to the academic aspect, visits to companies and cultural outings are scheduled.


Customized Programs 

Within the framework of our cooperation agreements with some of our partner universities, we organize personalized programs for groups of students for periods of between one and five weeks. Schedules are flexible in order to adapt to your university’s needs. 

These exchanges represent a fantastic opportunity for your students to discover the economic environment and the companies of our region, as well as the European institutions located in Strasbourg. 



A Truly International Experience Focused on Integration

Each year, we welcome more than 500 exchange students for a semester or a year, and 80 students in our short-term international programs. During their time in Strasbourg, these students can benefit from our "internationalization at home" approach, offering them a real international-oriented study abroad experience: 

  • Project-based learning in various groups and international teams 
  • Business outings and visits to Strasbourg's European institutions 


Alongside these experiences, we are keen to help the students we welcome integrate locally. Our goal: to support them so that they can flourish not only in our School but also in the city of Strasbourg. To do this, we have developed an integration program: EM'Brace, where we organize a series of activities:  

  • Monthly EM'Brace meetings organized in collaboration with our international students' association
  • Planet EM, our international student fair 
  • International Potluck 
  • The Friendship World Cup 
  • The Mid-Autumn Festival 
  • French courses and integration activities organized at our language learning center



Going Beyond Student Mobility

Collaboration with our partner institutions goes beyond student mobility. In order to maintain and develop these relationships we have created different services: 

  • Research cooperation opportunities for professors and doctoral students 
  • Exchanges for professors and visiting professors 
  • Twinning opportunities for administrators and exchanges of best practices 



A Team That Can Support You and Answer Your Questions 

Do you need information about our partnership offer? Our team is at your disposal to answer your questions: 


Elodie Thevenet

Head of the International Relations Office

  • +33(0)368858403

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